→ Sleeperhold is a publication platform.
Sleeperhold will produce 10 outputs.
After #10 it will cease to exist.
Every number is an experiment
in approach / collaboration / distribution / media.
There is no recurring theme, there is no recurring
format, there is no recurring audience.
#1 is a photobook.
#2 is a poster set.
#3 is a deck of cards.
#4 are short stories.
#5 are 10 vinyl records.
#6 is open.
#7 is open.
#8 is open.
#9 is open.
#10 is open and the end.
#1 is a photobook.
→ Sleeperhold #1 is a Two-part photobook called
'Dark Room' by Frederik Bruylant.
The first hardcover part of the work consists of
a series of polaroid pictures.
The second poster edition contains a series of
pictures taken with a Holga camera.
A 18 x 24,5 cm hardcover book + 27 x 37 cm softcover posterfolds.

→ status: Available

→ Clearance sale price: 35 / 25 euro + shipping


#2 is a poster set.
→ Sleeperhold #2 is a cardboard triangular tube containing
6 one-color silkscreened poster,
limited to 33 copies, by these people:

- Bree Apperley (New York, USA)
- Petra Cortright (California, USA)
- Henridraws (Paris, France)
- Andreas Meinich and Rene Josdal (Oslo, Norway)
- Massimiliano Bomba (Rome, Italy)
- Justin Morin (Paris, France)

The posters are printed on 170 gr multidesign paper by nookyalur.
They measure 51 x 72 cm.
Each poster is stamped and handnumber.
Each buyer is kindly asked to send back a picture of
one of the posters in his living situation. Thank you.




Bree Apperly


Andreas Meinich and Rene Josdal


Massimiliano Bomba




Justin Morin


Petra Cortright

→ status: Sold out
→ Price: 40 euro + shipping


#3 is a deck of cards.
→ Sleeperhold #3 is a deck of standard gaming cards,
for which 4 cards were given to 14 artists.
This is the list of participants:

- the Aces: Dennis Tyfus (Antwerp, Belgium)
- the 2's: Eric Yahnker (Los Angeles, USA)
- the 3's: Andrew Laumann (Baltimore, USA)
- the 4's: Daniel Eatock (London, United Kingdom)
- the 5's: Tessa Deceuninck (Ghent, Belgium)
- the 6's: Cabinet Of Natural Curiosity (Berlin, Germany)
- the 7's: Joshua Petherick (Melbourne, Australia)
- the 8's: Tara Kelton (New York, USA)
- the 9's: Arnaud Loumeau (Toulouse, France)
- the 10's: Grant Willing (New York, USA)
- the Jacks: Bree Apperley (New York, USA)
- the Queens: Åbäke
- the Kings: Henridraws (Paris, France)
- the Jokers: Ryan Gander & Europa (London, United Kingdom)



The 52 regular gaming cards measure 62 mm to 88mm and
are printed on 350gr coated quality paper.
It comes in a box with an inlay shape.


Dennis Tyfus


Eric Yahnker


Andrew Laumann


Daniel Eatock


Tessa Deceuninck


Cabinet Of Natural Curiosity


Joshua Petherick


Tara Kelton


Arnaud Loumeau


Grant Willing


Bree Apperley






Ryan Gander & Europa
(recto verso jokers)
+ 2 backprints of the cardset

→ status: Available
→ Price: 20 euro + shipping

#4 is a collection of short stories.
→ Sleeperhold #4 is a paperback which functions as
a collection of 14 short stories. The work of the artists shown
in this publications functions as one continuous storyline,
but every chapter can easily stand on it's own.

Contributions by Beni Bischof, Jason Fulford, Dr Phillip Cribb,
Pelican Avenue, Roma Publications, Karen Vermeren, Office Kersten Geers
David Van Severen, We Have Photoshop, Hiromi Nakajima, B.H. Friedman,
Ferdinand Kriwet, Ward Heirwegh, Lieven Lahaye, Sara Deraedt,
Aurélien Arbet / Jérémie Egry / Nicolas Poillot, J.G. Ballard,
David Horvitz & Peter Sutherland.

A text functioning as an interlude was written by Serge Delbruyère
and Dirk Van Bastelaere.


Beni Bischof - Bricked Castles + Ohne Titel

Jason Fulford - Birds

Dr Phillip Cribb - A Chinese Puzzle Solved: Pilea Peperomioides
with contributions by Pelican Avenue, Roma Publications, Karen Vermeren,
Office Kersten Geers

We Have Photoshop - Deleuze’s Abécédaire (M, P, C, F & D)

Hiromi Nakajima - Untitled

B.H. Friedman - The Most Expensive Restaurant Ever Built

Ferdinand Kriwet - Excerpts from Apollo Amerika

Ward Heirwegh - Pamflet

Interlude by Serge Delbruyère and Dirk Van Bastelaere

Lieven Lahaye - Breaking News

Sara Deraedt - Solo

Aurélien Arbet, Jérémie Egry & Nicolas Poillot - Chute Libre

J.G. Ballard - The Enourmous Space

David Horvitz - Stuttgart Trip

Peter Sutherland - Solar Flares

Design: Ward Heirwegh
Language: English
224 pages, 16 x 22 cm
ISBN 9789081886406

→ Status: Available
→ Price: 25 euro + shipping
→ Warehouse clearance price: 15 euro + shipping

Price + Shipping
#5 are 10 vinyl records.
→ Sleeperhold #5 is a series of 10 vinyl records.
Every A-side contains music exclusively written for SHP.
Every B-side contains an artist etching.
Every vinyl is printed in limited quantity on 180gr black vinyl.
These are the releases so far:



Moon Duo - High Over Blue
Moon Duo was formed by Ripley Johnson of Wooden Shjips and Sanae Yamada in
San Francisco in 2009. Inspired initially by free jazz duos, such as John Coltrane and
Rashied Ali, Moon Duo counts such variant groups as Silver Apples, Royal Trux, Moolah,
Suicide, and Cluster as touchstones. Utilizing primarily guitar, keyboards, and vocals,
the Duo plays space against form to create a primeval sound experience.

For SHP they recorded a mesmerising, 21 minute long, track
The layout and etching on the back was done by Ward Heirwegh.

Listen to a sample here.






→ status: Sold Out
→ release date: Juli 2012
→ Price: 20 euro + shipping



Tropic of Cancer - I Feel Nothing

Drenched in romanticism and soaked in themes of solitude, mortality and love,
Tropic of Cancer's music forms a strangely hypnotic connection with its listener.
Camella Lobo's majestic vocals, warmly cradled by waves of ascending synths,
plangent guitar, and foreboding beats, summon the listener into a world of dark
decadence and delicate beauty.

Listen to a sample here.

→ status: For Sale
→ release date: october 2012
→ Price: 20 euro + shipping

Price + Shipping


Disappears - A New House in a New Town

"Disappears" with their release called "A New house in a New Town".
Chicago's Disappears are Brian Case (also of the Ponys and 90 Day Men),
Jonathan van Herik, Damon Carruesco and Noah Leger. Their latest album
"Pre-Language", released on Kranky records, features Sonic Youth's Steve
Shelley on the drums. Disappears' druggy, rythmic rock music has often been
compared to Neu!, Spacemen 3 or Jesus and Mary Chain at their noisiest.

This output features the demo versions of 2 new songs and a rework of "Love Drug",
from their acclaimed last album "Pre-Language", recorded in a single track at
their rehearsal space The material could not be more unpolished and this rawness
only adds to the magic of the songs. The blown-open sound and potential of these
versions is enormous. Brian's barked, deadpan vocals remind of The Fall's Mark
E. Smith, while the music shivers on. The drumming on this release is taken care
of by a drumcomputer, adding a dry rhythm to underline the repetitive nature of
the 3 songs. Disappears' haunting basslines, monotone singing and shivering guitar
sound are just enough to convey the mood of 21th century suburbia, with its nihilism
and loneliness, the perfect soundtrack for hazy nights. In a unique blend of krautrock,
minimalism and garage the group evocates desolation, despair and catharsis. This record
seems to build up to an explosion that never seems to arrive. Their smoggy, narcotic
sound makes everything come to a stop and builds up in a dynamic thrust, only to stop
again. This is truly a thrilling release. Disappears' interplay between tention and
release is seamless and compelling.


The etched artwork on the b-side of this vinyl was done by Belgian photographer
Stine Sampers. The diptych she created, captures the mood of the music so perfectly
one could see it as the 4th song of the album.

Samper?s pictures seem to dissect the beauty of the empty, simple moments within the
human lifespan. Her pictures capture the hidden self of her subject. It seems as if
the spectator is allowed to gaze into a world that's completely indifferent to his/her
presence. Her work is highly personal, helping her cope with love, loss and regret.

But Sampers doesn't just register. By taking a picture Sampers builds a visual narrative
around the subject, similar to a diary entry. They often speak of despair or desillusion,
as often as they evoke happiness. There is no in-between in Samper's work.

Listen to a sample here.

→ status: For Sale
→ Price: 17 euro + shipping

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