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#6 is a ring.



We have a proposition — we have a gift for you. We would like to present you with a ring. but as gift giving goes it includes an implicit idea of reciprocal engagement.

This ring is part of an ongoing project that common room has been pursuing over the past few years. It consists of a series of circular forms installed in various contexts by different actors. By attributing a similar object to multiple authors, each iteration of the ring further complicates the idea of authorship and simultaneously strengthens the network of connections between the various participants. These social connections are essential to the project.

The ring we would like to present you with is a limited edition reduction of a circular steel ring for 019 (Ghent) commissioned by Sleeperhold Publications, which is a distortion of a circular steel ring designed by common room for Dexter Sinister at Stella Municipal Cinema (Athens)—later moved on to Radio Athènes—which was an adapted re-production of a circular steel ring designed by common room for Casco (Utrecht) based on a re-interpretation of a circular steel ring by ifau & Jesko Fezer for the Goethe-Institut Wyoming Building (New York) based on a re-production of a steel ring by common room produced for ‘Dexter Sinister Presents Common Room (Circular)’ (New York) which was a re-consideration of the original steel ring designed by Aldo van Eyck for the architect’s apartment in 1948 (Amsterdam), which he described as: “My very first circle in space with the quality of place—what with the seat, warmth from the stove—and the little mystery that circles do occasionally provide… It’s the ring and the disc I’m particularly attracted to—not radials, which is why I draw circles, round odd tins, saucers and plates instead of using a compass (the ancient Peruvians worshipped both the sun and moon, were incomparable highway builders, yet highway builders managed without wheels).”

In return for receiving the ring we ask that you consider a mode of engagement with the project that can take on any form you wish.

The ring project at its core, is a process rather than a product and is thus ongoing and never finished.

With warm regards,
common room and Sleeperhold Publications
1) Michiel Vandevelde
2) Marc Nagtzaam
3) Wesley Meuris
4) Valerian Goalec
5) Samuel Nyholm
6) Daniel O’Sullivan
7) Rey Akdogan
8) Tobi Maier
9) LIM Kyung yong / The Book Society
10) David Reinfurt
11) Elena Pankova
12) Sean Dockray
13) Robert Snowden
14) Martin Beck
15) Geert Goiris
16) Frederik Heyman