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#2 is a poster set

20 €

A cardboard triangular tube containing 6 one-color silkscreened poster,  limited to 33 copies.


**** Participants:
— Bree Apperley (New York, USA)
— Petra Cortright (California, USA)
— Henridraws (Paris, France)
— Andreas Meinich and Rene Josdal (Oslo, Norway)
— Massimiliano Bomba (Rome, Italy)
— Justin Morin (Paris, France)


***** Description of physical packaging:
— Printed on 170 gr multidesign paper.
— 51 x 72 cm.
— stamped and handnumber.


Only separate posters available. (Price is for 1 poster.)
Send me a mail to let me know which poster you prefer.